Sector case studies

In this track we focus on security strategies in various critical industries (sectors). How to increase the security maturity level within sectors like finance, insurance, pensions, automotive, medical devices, telecom, energy or chemical processing? Every sector is challenged in a different way, but we also see a lot of commonalities. How is cybersecurity managed within these sectors? What is special to these critical industries? What norms and standards are used? What is the role of regulators or supervisors within these industries? What is the impact of the EU NIS directive?

In multiple sector case studies various speakers will address how they deal with security and how to increase cyber resilience within their business. This track is structured with short case studies from various industries, followed by a panel discussion. In the panel we will focus on the commonalities and differences between these (critical) industries. These sessions will help you to understand the industry specific challenges. Get inspired by our speakers on how they deal with their challenges.

Moderator: Chris van ‘t Hof