Case Study Chemical Industry by Anderson Domingues - LyondellBasell

Although Cybersecurity Standards for Industrial Control Systems have been in place since the 1990s, providing the foundational knowledge required to Secure Industrial Control Systems; implementation failures and media disclosures revealed that organizations are not yet prepared to deploy Cybersecurity Controls effectively.

During this session the speaker will disclose some of the findings from his research on “Why are companies failing to deploy Cyber Security Controls on Industrial Control systems and he will share 7 best practices that will help companies to succeed on their Cyber Security Deployments.

*This research was conducted with the participation of 180+ specialists in Industrial Control Systems, Information Security Professionals and Information Security Officers from government, manufacturing and critical infrastructure across Europe, Americas and ASIA.

In addition to Anderson Domingues, various speakers will address how they deal with security and how to increase cyber resilience within their business during the managerial track of the event. Read more about the sector case studies.

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About Anderson Domingues

Information Security Manager at LyondellBasell

Anderson Domingues is a cybersecurity professional with 20+ years of experience on Information Security related projects across Manufacturing, e-Business, Airspace, Oil and Healthcare. His main areas of focus are Vulnerability Management, Cyber Security Governance, Awareness and Risk Management. On a previous life he worked as Industrial Electronics Field Engineer.

Anderson is currently Information Security Manager responsible for Vulnerability Management at LyondellBasell Industries, he holds a Master of Science degree from the Antwerp Management School and is CISA and CISSP, TOGAF and DEMO certified.