Secura is proud to be able to organise this special security event for the seventeenth time. Previous editions included contributions from Adam Laurie, Michel van Leeuwen (NCSC), Miranda Chilvers (DNB), Elisa Costante (SecurityMatters), Fabian van den Broek (Radboud University Nijmegen), Brigadier General Hans Folmer, Meredith L. Patterson, Bill 'Ches' Cheswick, Hans de Zwart (BoF), John Fokker (NHTCU), Rachel Marbus (KPN) Duncan Campbell, Marietje Schaake (Member of the European Parliament), Aral Balkan, Daniel Bernstein, Brenno de Winter, and speakers form NCTV, NCSC, NFI, TNO, OWASP, Bits of Freedom, Cyber Security Council, and many many others. Watch the footage and aftermovie of previous editions (in Dutch).

2018: Take control of your digital security (before someone else does)!