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There are two actors on a network: People and machines.

People rely on user names and passwords to identify themselves to machines so they can get access to networks and data. Machines also need to identify themselves to each other, but they don’t use user names and passwords. Instead, they use machine identities. We all know that the number of machines on networks is growing exponentially because the digital transformation that is happening is completely dependent on machines, not people. We spend over eight billion dollars protecting human identities, but almost nothing protecting machine identities. Bad guys know this. They now devote more time and resources to stealing machine identities.

Venafi invented the technology that provides the visibility, intelligence and automation needed to protect machine identities in the world’s largest, most security conscious companies.


Incident response also known as forensic investigation in case of incidents of cybercrime. Schippers IT experiences that “tomorrow” is more important than it used to be. Aspects of cybersecurity and within the world of cybercrime get special attention in which a preventive approach is preferred. In case these steps have proven to be insufficient, a repressive solution will be performed.

Specialized in digital forensics as well as cyber security, Schippers IT can offer a unique combination of cybersecurity and digital forensics. Schippers IT strives to increase the awareness about the “dangers in the digital world” and to create a stronger collaboration with organizations in which our client will be the central point of view.

Checkmarx delivers a perfect platform for DevOps and CI environments by redefining security’s role in the SDLC while operating at the speed of DevOps. The fast feedback loop makes security testing of new or edited code fragments quick with speedy remediation by developers.

This significantly reduces costs and eliminates the problem of having to deal with many security vulnerabilities close to release. Ultimately, by enabling developers to test their own code for security issues thus allowing them to get instant results and remediate the issues on the spot, everyone wins.

iSOC24 supports organisations 24/7 by mapping and monitoring risks in order to mitigate these risks and reduce them effectively.

Darktrace (Machine Learning for Cyber Defense)
Powered by industry-leading AI, the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber defense platform capable of detecting and responding to cyber-attacks in real time. Requiring no set-up, the technology detects cyber-threats and latent vulnerabilities in both OT environments, such as SCADA systems, and IT networks, including cloud and SaaS

Rapid7 (Vulnerability Management & Penetration testing, Web Application Scanning)
Rapid7 is advancing security with visibility, analytics and automation. Allowing your security teams to identify and reduce vulnerabilities, monitor malicious behavior, investigate, mitigate and shut down attacks and automate routine tasks such as vulnerability management, penetration testing and web application scanning whilst maintaining a controlled workflow process.

Security & Privacy Training
TSTC is an acknowledged training institute specialized in (Cyber) Security and Privacy Training. Whether you want to obtain an international certification or just want to learn about security- or risk management, security audits, GDPR, cloud security, pentesting, network- or software security, TSTC is the best location to reach your goals.

Security Certification
In addition to work experience, certifications have become increasingly important in the IT Security and Privacy field. But which are the best addition to your CV and what are the requirements to remain certified afterwards? TSTC can tell you everything about this, including possible routes to prepare for the exams.

Network, Security, Forensics and Wireshark Training
SCOS Software is the European Certified Training Partner of the Wireshark University. SCOS organizes courses for TCP/IP Troubleshooting, Advanced Network/Security Analysis, Cyber Security Investigations and Network Forensics Analysis. SCOS has developed special Law Enforcement Courses. Our trainers have trained numerous Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies including the FBI, NCIS, Singapore, British, Dutch, Belgium Police, Australian High Tech Crime Centre and New York Police.

Network and WiFi Packet Capture Solutions
SCOS Software is supplier of intelligent inline network and WiFi monitoring/capture tools used by IT network and security organizations to examine both properly and poorly performing networks and detect threats to high value and remote areas of the network. Scaling from single endpoints to entire networks, monitors traffic and delivers real time flow data to leading collector and analytic applications.


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During the Black Hat Sessions there is an information market to meet relevant organisations concerning digital security.

Select the topics/profiles of your interest during the registration process and we will link you to one or more relevant exhibitors. With pre-scheduled appointments during the breaks you will meet interesting (new) contacts to optimize your time at the event!

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