Case Study Payments Industry by Max Geerling - Dutch Payments Association

The paradox of Open Banking

Mobile apps, robo-advice and AI are only a few of the flashy technologies that banks deploy in making the financial lifes of their customers easier. In several industries, apps are actually made up from micro-services by multiple providers marketed in an open ecosystem. However, when it comes to financial services, customers want their bank and the app to be as closed as a vault. At least for criminals. The monolithic and fenced IT environments of banks very well suited the vault concept. As PSD2 is only a first step towards open banking, this presentation discusses what is needed in an ecosystem that is open for customers but closed for crooks?

In addition to Max Geerling, various speakers will address how they deal with security and how to increase cyber resilience within their business during the managerial track of the event. Read more about the sector case studies.

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About Max Geerling

Executive Advisor at Dutch Payments Association

Max Geerling is a business expert in digital payments. He works as Executive Adviser to the board of Dutch Payments Association, mainly on topics around PSD2 and Open Banking. Max has a broad background in the area of cards payments and online / mobile payments, based on prior experience in management positions and as a business consultant. He holds a PhD in Computing Science from the University of Nijmegen.

Max is the subject matter expert on ‘access-to-the-account’ for the Dutch Payments Association since the first discussions on PSD2 started in 2011. He is the Dutch liaison in the international taskforce establishing the NextGenPSD2 API, and he participated in the ERPB Working Group on Payment Initiation Services. Max currently chairs a support platform of the Dutch Payments Association for members and stakeholders focused on the implementation of APIs for PSD2.