Case Study Inssurance sector by Wouter Wissink - Chubb & Liesbeth Holterman - Cyberveilig Nederland

The “Roadmap Cyber Security Risk model and Certification” is an initiative of commercial and governmental organisations (Verbond van Verzekeraars, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, CIO Platform Nederland, Nederland ICT, Cyberveilig Nederland, Partnering Trust, the ministry of Economic Affairs, the ministry of Justice and Security). The goal of this initiative is to support Small and Medium Enterprises in identifying their security risks and taking appropriate measures. This initiative is working towards a risk model to address risk and measures and the development of certified cyber security products and services to help the SME in improving its cyber security resilience. In this duo presentation Wouter from Chubb and Liesbeth from Cyberveilig Nederland will explain the objective and status of this initiative.

In addition to Wouter Wissink and Liesbeth Holtermanm various speakers will address how they deal with security and how to increase cyber resilience within their business during the managerial track of the event. Read more about the sector case studies.

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About Liesbeth Holterman

policy advisor at Cyberveilig Nederland

Liesbeth Holterman is a policy advisor at Cyberveilig Nederland, the association of the Dutch cybersecurity sector. One of the goals of Cyberveilig Nederland is to increase quality and transparancy of the sector. Liesbeth has a background within the security and safety domain of the Dutch governement. She also worked for associations of the ICT and technical industries in the Netherlands in the field of cybersecurity.

About Wouter Wissink

Principal Cyber Risk Engineer & Technology Industry Practitioner at Chubb

After seven years of working for two other insurance companies, Wouter Wissink joined Chubb in 1993 and has taken on many different roles and responsibilities since. Besides being a member of the continental EUZ LC management team, Wissink has also held responsibility for learning & development and admin and took on the role of deputy manager for the Northern region.

Today, Wouter is a specialist in the field of Infotech (PI insurance for ICT-companies) and cyber risk engineering. He gained broad knowledge of all kinds of exposures such as (large) property risks, casualty, TIS, cyber and cargo.

He conducted risk engineering visits within the whole of Europe on telecom risks, software companies (E&O), transport and large machinery manufactures for product liability. He coordinated several multinational programs and carried out risk management reviews on information security, cyber, and property and product liability. He completed several information security courses at e.g.  MIT in Boston and completed a master in science in risk management at the University of Twente in 2011.

Wouter is certified in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP. Since 2000, he has carried out information security surveys on cyber risks and information technology companies and since 2013 also at hospitals, banks, wholesalers and manufacturing companies (supply chain).  To stay up to date with current and future risks, he regularly visits E-crime and privacy congresses throughout Europe and followed many intercompany trainings on information security in the US.