Victor Gevers

founder of and chairman of global CERT

Whenever there’s a mention of a hacker in the news, everyone’s attention is directed to stealing, manipulating, terrorism etc. The Dutch ethical hacker named Victor Gevers gave people a new picture to look at.

Victor Gevers is the unsurpassed champion of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure: 5,400 online vulnerabilities found, reported, and fixed. He’s been at it for twenty years, with peak activity in 2016, when he took a sabbatical to scan and report for fifteen hours a day for 366 days. Without actually breaking into online systems, he discovers many standard vulnerabilities, outdated software versions, systems with default credentials, and devices that shouldn’t be online at all.

As chairman of, he is currently scaling up from individual vulnerability reporting to bulk reports—all free and open source. Fortunately, more hackers are now joining, as made evident that behind this seemingly modest civil servant, we find staggering numbers on his online presence. Tirelessly, he scans millions of internet addresses and finds and reports tens of thousands vulnerabilities. Victor, alias @0xDUDE, most likely has prevented your personal data too from being leaked. Read more:

In the opening keynote at Black Hat Sessions Victor will provide more news and insights into the techniques he uses to identify and alert on such huge data leaks.