Victor Gevers

founder of and chairman of global CERT

Whenever there’s a mention of a hacker in the news, everyone’s attention is directed to stealing, manipulating, terrorism etc. Quite recently, a Dutch ethical hacker named Victor Gevers gave people a new picture to look at.

This man took a 365 day leave from his job or technically, he left his job to pursue his hacking mission. The mission being, hacking into various platforms, websites, softwares just to see vulnerabilities.

What Was Victor’s Mission?
Now, most hackers would find ways to exploit the vulnerabilities and try to steal information, but not Victor Gevers. The man in fact, hacked into websites, caught security weaknesses and reported back to the concerned authorities to get them fixed. He is a true example of an ethical hacker one would say.

What Did Victor Do Before He Was An IT Manager?
This man is recognised as 0xDUDE on the internet and he has been an ethical hacker for many years. He has successfully hacked countless websites in the time span of 16 years and managed to detect 4000 weaknesses in securities. This was all before he was an IT manager.

He wasn’t alone in this. His partner Tom Vincent helped him start a non profit GDI foundation where they could find weak spots and get them fixed by reporting them.

When he learnt that security issues on the internet are getting far worse, he went on a 365 day vacation to sort out vulnaribilities and help make the internet a better place.

Project 366
He called this work of his, the project 366 as he dedicated himself to hack and map out weaknesses. He hacked into complex databases, servers, NAS devices and prevented valuable data from getting leaked.