Cybersecurity is now part of mainstream news. But do we really know what cybersecurity is? What defines a “cybersecurity professional” ?

Jeroen van der Ham (NCSC & University of Twente - EEMCS/DACS)

A major step in professionalization of the incident response field is defining its identity. By developing a code of ethics we are defining our identity towards each other, to make the basis for our trust relationships explicit instead of implicit.

Defining our identity also has an external effect. Throughout 2018, a popular theme has been "the technical has become political,” and our code of ethics will help define us in the eyes of policymakers so that they know what we stand for, what we may be asked to do, and what we as a profession will not do.

In this talk I’ll give you a sneak preview of the code of ethics that is being proposed to FIRST, the global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams, and explain what that will mean for you, as a member of a security team.

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