Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Workshop

Ever wanted to hack an industrial control system and see the physical impact of your actions? You can do so now without risking an eye or a limb! In this workshop, we will have a setup available that lets you perform several practical attacks such as replaying Modbus commands to a PLC, manipulating a building control system, or hacking an HMI.

The workshop consists of an introduction to ICS cyber security followed by an interactive threat modeling session and hands-on hacking of an operational technology (OT) environment with real ICS components.

In order to participate in this hands-on workshop you will need a laptop which can run Linux and allows installation of tools.

Intended Audience

This training is suitable for:

  • IT & OT professionals at vendors, asset owners & system integrators

  • ICS Threat Analysts

  • Security Researchers & Penetration Testers

  • Technical staff involved in security management

  • Government personnel involved in critical infrastructure protection

Required skills and expertise

Basic understanding of common computing & networking technologies and fundamental security principles and concepts is recommended.