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Bill Cheswick (Ches), Keynote

Ches is known for his early work in Internet security, including firewalls, proxies, and as co-author on the first full book on Firewalls. He is also noted for his work in visualizations, especially Internet maps, which have appeared widely.

Ches has worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Shannon Lab, and was a cofounder of Lumeta Corp. He continues to invent, collaborate, write apps, consult, and give talks worldwide. He is a visiting scholar at University of Pennsylvania. Read more

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Brigadier General Hans Folmer, Keynote

Brigadier General Hans Folmer, Commandant General of the Dutch Armed Forces Cyber Command (DCC) will give a keynote speech at the end of the program on June 29th. The DCC contributes to military operations with cyber capabilities in order to realise freedom of manoeuvre in the information environment. During his keynote he will explain what this means.

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Hans de Zwart, Executive Director Bits of Freedom

Hans de Zwart is the Executive Director of the Dutch digital civil rights organisation Bits of Freedom, fighting for freedom of communication and privacy on the internet. In the past he was Shell's Senior Innovation Adviser for Global HR and Learning Technologies, before that a Moodle consultant for Stoas Learning and he started his career as a Physical Education teacher at a high school in Amsterdam.

He operates on the intersection between technology (which he prefers to be "open") and society, often viewing issues through a civil rights lens. He knows that technology is always political and believes in the power of design.

You can always come and talk to him about: the most recent book you have read, juggling, philosophy, free software, dominoes, or The Big Lebowski. He reads in public and tweets occasionally.

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John Fokker, Digital Team Coordinator, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), Dutch National Police Agency

John Fokker works as a Digital Team Coordinator at the National High Tech Crime Unit(NHTCU), the Dutch federal police unit dedicated to investigating advanced forms of national and international cybercrime. He is a project leader for the NoMoreRansom initiative, a public-private project founded by the NHTCU, Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security, to disrupt cybercriminals spreading ransomware and to aid victims of ransomware.

He started his career with the Netherlands Police Agency as a digital forensics investigator within a task force against organized crime. Prior to joining the national police, he served in the special operations and counterterrorism group of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. He took part in several deployments worldwide between 2004 and 2012. He started his career as an IP Engineer at Xantic, a satellite broadband Internet provider. He has a masters in criminal investigation and a BS in computer science.

Rachel Marbus, Privacy Officer KPN

Rachel Marbus is a civil rights fundamentalist and adores the constitutional right to Privacy. When told "Privacy is dead", she will generally erupt into a passionate argument starting "I've got nothing to hide, but they don't need to know that".
Marbus is the Privacy Officer for KPN, has conducted scientific research into privacy and identity in the online world, is a board member for the Platform for Information Security (PvIB) (the Association for information security in the Netherlands), frequently speaks on privacy & security and writes a regular column for IB Magazine.

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Walter Belgers, Principal Security Consultant Madison Gurkha

Walter Belgers is an ethical computer hacker by profession and by way of life. During his working hours, he tests the security of IT systems using both technical and social means at Madison Gurkha, a major Dutch penetration testing company. He is also the fastest lockpicker on earth and president of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers.

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Meredith L. Patterson

Meredith L. Patterson, M.A., M.S. is a polymath technologist and science fiction author. She has spoken at numerous industry conferences on a wide range of topics. She is also a prolific blogger and software developer, and a leading figure in the biopunk movement.

Meredith is known for her work in computational linguistics and its applications to computer security. In 2005, she presented the first parse tree validation technique for stopping SQL injection attacks at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas with the paper Stopping Injection Attacks with Computational Theory.

Duncan Campbell, journalist, author, consultant and television producer

Duncan Campbell is an investigative journalist, author, consultant and television producer specialising in privacy, civil liberties and surveillance issues. His best-known investigations led to major legal clashes with successive British governments. Campbell now also works and is recognised as a forensic expert witness on computers and communications data. He has providing specialist testimony in over a hundred criminal and civil cases and has given evidence to the House of Commons and the European Parliament on surveillance legislation. Find more information on the website and the Intercept retrospective article which was published last year:

Campbell was the first journalist to reveal the existence of the global British electronic intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), in a 1976 article called The Eavesdroppers. This story led to the “ABC” trial in 1978, when the government attempted to jail him for up to 30 years for breaking Official Secrecy laws. In 1988 he also revealed the existence of the ECHELON project, wich has since 1997 become controversial throughout the world. Read more

Michael Kubiaczyk, Principal Security Consultant Madison Gurkha

With over a decade of experience as a security consultant around the globe, Michael has helped organizations of all sizes implement and test their security. His nomadic lifestyle has proven the need for globally-accessible personal data despite his experience in security highlighting the risks.

Rogier Besemer, Program manager TIBER (Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red teaming), De Nederlandsche Bank

Rogier Besemer currently works at the Dutch Central Bank as Program Manager of the Dutch TIBER initiative (Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red teaming). The aim of TIBER is to strengthen the cyber resilience of the Dutch core financial institutions against advanced attackers. Previously he worked as Cyber Resilience Expert at De Volksbank and for the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice. He has led several public-private taskforces and was co-author of the Dutch National Cyber Security Strategy I and II.

Ralph Moonen, Technical Director Madison Gurkha

Ralph Moonen is Technical Director at Madison Gurkha. His expertise areas are cyber security, hacking, cryptography and IT-audit. Ralph is regular speaker at events, but also likes to demonstrate novel hacking techniques.