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Chris van 't Hof (Host)

Chris van ’t Hof is an independent researcher, writer and presenter in information technology. With his background in both electrical engineering and sociology, he analyses the interaction between human and electronic networks. His eight book came out in March 2016: “Helpful Hackers. How the Dutch do Responsible Disclosure.” His company Tek Tok organises conferences, workshops and IT security training. He also has his own talk show: Hack Talk.

Adam Laurie (Director Aperture Labs Ltd.)

Adam Laurie is a security consultant working the in the field of electronic communications, and a Director of Aperture Labs Ltd. ( who specialise in reverse engineering of secure embedded systems. He started in the computer industry in the late Seventies, working as a computer programmer on PDP-8 and other mini computers, and then on various Unix, Dos and CP/M based micro computers as they emerged in the Eighties. He quickly became interested in the underlying network and data protocols, and moved his attention to those areas and away from programming, starting a data conversion company which rapidly grew to become Europe's largest specialist in that field (A.L. Downloading Services).

During this period, he successfully disproved the industry lie that music CDs could not be read by computers, and wrote the world's first CD ripper, 'CDGRAB'. At this point, he became interested in the newly emerging concept of 'The Internet', and was involved in various early open source projects, the most well known of which is probably 'Apache-SSL' which he and his brother published, and went on to become the de-facto standard secure web server. Since the late Nineties he has focused his attention on security, and has been the author of various papers exposing flaws in Internet services and/or software, as well as pioneering the concept of re-using military data centres (housed in underground nuclear bunkers) as secure hosting facilities. Adam has been a senior member of staff at DEFCON since 1997, and also acted as a member of staff during the early years of the Black Hat Briefings, and is a member of the Bluetooth SIG Security Experts Group and speaks regularly on the international conference circuit on matters concerning Bluetooth security. He has also given presentations on forensics, magnetic stripe technology, InfraRed and RFID. He is the author and maintainer of the open source python RFID exploration library 'RFIDIOt', which can be found at

Michel van Leeuwen (Head of the Cybersecurity Policy Department (National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism), Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands)

Since 2012 Michel van Leeuwen helps government and private organizations achieve a better cybersecurity by heading the cybersecurity policy department at the Dutch Directorate for Cyber Security. He supervises the implementation of the Netherlands national cyber security agenda, its awareness campaigns and 3 mln. euro innovation budget for cybersecurity small business innovation research. He is chair of the policy steering group of the Netherlands cyber research and education platform, DCYPHER, and member of the advisory committee of the Netherlands Cyber Security Academy. In spring 2016 he headed the Cybersecurity programme-team for the Netherlands Presidency of the EU. Michel has a master degree in Public Administration from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

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Ralph Moonen (Technical Director Secura)

Ralph Moonen's expertise areas are cyber security, hacking, cryptography and IT-audit. Ralph is regular speaker at events, but also likes to demonstrate novel hacking techniques. Ralph has earned his stripes both as an ethical hacker and as an expert on Information Risk Management.

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Petr (Member of the BSPA team, AIVD)

Petr has experience in quality assurance, IT security and IT audit. At the moment he is an account manager and security consultant.

Miranda Chilvers (Supervisor Operational Risk at De Nederlandsche Bank)

From 2004 Miranda has been working as a supervisor for The Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Since 2010 she has been involved in outsourcing and cloud computing in relation to supervision within DNB. Besides her work as supervisor specialist she was also a member of the EBA working group on cloud computing and the working group on Outsourcing at the European Central Bank. The EBA working group published in December 2017 the recommendations on cloud computing services for the financial industry. Miranda is also a trainer on the subject of outsourcing and cloud computing given to other European supervisors.

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Neal Conijn (Senior Consultant Red Teaming & Security Intelligence at SoSecure)

Neal Conijn MSc is a senior security consultant who focusses on human centred, common sense, intelligence driven and adversarial perspective security solutions. He has a background in Psychology, Crisis & Security Management and Intelligence Studies. He is also a strong critic of ethnicity-based proactive security measures. Conijn is a proponent of intimate coöperation between technical and human security management, as human behaviour is both the strongest and weakest link in security.

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Elisa Costante (Head of Research at SecurityMatters)

Elisa Costante is Head of Research at SecurityMatters. She leads key internal and external research and innovation activities, including international projects.Her main research topics include Industrial Control Systems and Building Automation security, network behavioural modelling and cyber-attacks mitigation. She received a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) where she specialized in data leakage protection and a MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Sannio (Italy). She is co-author of several international scientific publications.

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Nirvana Meratnia (Associate Professor at University of Twente)

Nirvana Meratnia is associate professor in the Pervasive Systems Group at the University of Twente in the area of pervasive computing, sensor data analytics, data-driven learning systems, and reasoning. cyber physical systems, wireless sensor networks, and smart objects (e.g. wearable, smart phones).

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Fabian van den Broek (Post-doctoral Researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen)

Fabian van den Broek is Post Doc with the Open University of The Netherlands. As a guest researcher he is working in the digital security group at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences of the Radboud university of Nijmegen. His current research is mostly focussed on maturing the IRMA (I Reveal My Attributes) technology and is in part financed by the Privacy by Design Foundation. The IRMA technology offers a way to authenticate users based on a subset of their attributes, which results in a very flexible and privacy-friendly eco system.

Fabian finished his PhD on the security of wireless communication technologies such as GSM, GPRS and UMTS. His promotor was prof. Bart Jacobs and his supervisor was dr. Erik Poll. For his PhD Fabian looked into both theoretical and practical questions on security in the access part of mobile technologies, on different abstraction levels: i.e. protocols, cryptographic primitives, implementations of said protocols and the additional services deployed on top of them. By extension he also look at the security of systems utilising mobile communication technology within their architecture, such as remote multi-factor authentication techniques. Finally, van den Broek proposed improvements to the wireless standards which prevent fake-base station attacks (IMSI catchers). This work resulted in his doctoral thesis Mobile communication security. Read more

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Wolter Karssenberg (Management Consultant Privacy, RE, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP)

Wolter Karssenberg is a highly experienced IT Auditor, risk manager, management consultant, manager and executive. Accustomed to functioning in (politically) highly sensitive environments. Always striving to find a way to balance conflicting interests. Proven track record in achieving an optimal mix between exploiting the potential of data and protecting privacy. Convinced that innovation in (big) data is only future proof with simultaneous innovation in (big) privacy. That is exactly where “passion meets Wolter” and where data-driven organizations can implement an important part of their corporate social responsibility.

Currently, Wolter is a Senior Privacy Officer for ABN AMRO, amongst others implementing the GDPR within the bank. Furthermore, Wolter is a self-employed Management Consultant Privacy. He is a member of the Knowledge Group Privacy of NOREA, the professional organization of IT auditors. He is co-author of the Privacy Impact Assessment of NOREA. Wolter speaks regularly at conferences and meetings about privacy.

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